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Fibroids are prevalent ailments in women. Medications are offered depending on the fibroid’s symptoms, size, and location. At maximum times, surgery is not required, and medicines can cure this ailment. When it causes infertility, heavy bleeding, and unbearable pain, it must be removed through a hysterectomy, hysteroscopic removal, and myomectomy. If you are looking for fibroid treatment, you can connect with Dr. Farzana Aftab Asif.

Dr Farzana Aftab Asif is an experienced and skilled doctor for fibroids treatment in Dubai, UAE. She is the best doctor for planning your treatment accordingly according to your health condition, age and other circumstances that may affect the recovery process from fibroid operations or procedures.

Doctor Farzana Asif is a top rated Fertility Specialist in UAE. She offers best treatment for fibroids and other reproductive problems by using latest technology available in UAE. Dr. Asif has helped many women achieve pregnancy with her highly skilled team of experts.

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Dr Farzana

Dr. Farzana Aftab Asif is the best gynecologist in Dubai. She has an experience of over 12 years as a specialist in treating various women’s gynecological problem.

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