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Dr. Farzana Aftab Asif

Dr. Farzana Aftab Asif is the top gynecologist in Dubai and offers the best treatment to her patients . she also provides certain additional consultations, such as:

  • Perform cesarean segments or other surgeries depending on the situation to protect patients’ well-being and convey babies securely.
  • Dissect records, reports, test results, or assessment data to analyze the patient’s ailment.
  • Examine test results and recommend medicines to patients.
  • Screen patients’ present and future prospects and reconsider medicines as the need arises.
  • Diagnose patients and local area individuals concerning diet, movement, cleanliness, and infection avoidance.
  • Recommend patient to clinically trained professional or different experts when fundamental.
  • give counseling to patients and their families
  • Team up with medical services experts to design or give therapy.
  • Prompt clinical staff concerning medical care issues.
  • Plan, execute, or direct well-being programs in clinics, organizations, or networks to anticipate and treat wounds or ailments.
  • Plan public or worker well-being programs.
  • Direct medical care conveyance programs.
  • Get ready government and hierarchical reports on birth, passing, illness measurements, labor force assessments, or the clinical status of people.
  • Carry out analytical research to create or test meds, medicines, or methodology to forestall or control infection or injury.

Dr Farzana Aftab has been providing valuable services to her patients in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She has been expert in Gynecology, Obstetrics and Laproscopy. She is also known as an expert female doctor in UAE because of her medical knowledge and understanding of patients’ problem.

Dr Farzana, Top Gynaecologist in Dubai, United States of Emirates. Dr. Asif is an expert on women’s and women’s health issues. She advises individuals, couples and families for their problems related to reproductive system as well as sexual health problems.

She is best GYN in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She offers Gynecology and Obstetrics services to her patients at affordable rates.

She provides high-quality medical care with the latest techniques and technology

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Dr Farzana

Dr. Farzana Aftab Asif is the best gynecologist in Dubai. She has an experience of over 12 years as a specialist in treating various women’s gynecological problem.

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